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A Long Overdue Update - John

Jul. 29th, 2004

07:43 am - A Long Overdue Update

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Over the past few days…

…I ran Call of Cthulhu. It was one of those ephemeral games where everything clicked. It all started off with some decidedly appropriate atmosphere. I had some old candelabras that I filled. I had them arranged in strategic areas, along with some other props (scrolls of eldritch lore, a statuette of an otherworldly being). When we dimmed the lights, the feel of the gaming lair put us all in the right frame of mind.

The group arrived in a patchwork fashion. Some were early, some were late, but we got started fairly quickly once everyone made their entrances. Table-talk was relatively low; it seemed that everyone had a desire to get right down to business.

We started the game, and everyone immediately engaged their characters. The plot started with the mundane, as most horror stories do, but quickly veered off the course of everyday events. What I find humorous and somehow satisfying is an aspect of horror games, and Call of Cthulhu in particular, that often generates surprises on both sides of the Keeper’s screen. The first situation arose that was due to have a violent outcome. It was not the burly warrior that dealt a crushing death-blow to a slavering enemy. It was a botanist…with a trowel…who was in the process of pulling up his pants. We’re still laughing.

Following were many dangerous, creepy, and terrifying situations. Everyone survived, mainly because they made good choices. The game may or may not make its way to another session, but I think its got legs. We’ll see.

…Abby’s about ready to pop out her litter. A very pregnant miniature dachshund is a funny and a pitiful sight. She groans with nearly every step, and her belly almost drags the floor. I think this will probably be her last set of pups. Meri enjoys raising them, but Abby’s done her bit for King and Country.

…I’ve been thinking about the rapidly approaching ragweed season. I’ve got a prescription for Clarinex that I need to get filled.

…we’ve been given unseasonably cool weather. It suits me. I’m not a summer person. Well, not Missouri summers, anyway. I’m sure that Alaskan or Pacific Northwest summers would be great!

…we started watching Rescue Me. It may be my new favorite show. I’ve always liked Mr. Leary.

…I started re-reading R.E. Howard. I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity and directness of Conan’s Hyboria.

That’s enough for now…meanwhile, back to the drudgery.


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